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McDermott, Maureen




Sports; Broadcasting; Workshop


In a growing world of sports media, more and more younger individuals are seeking jobs in sports writing and broadcasting. The path to these jobs is not defined by a specific set of parameters. Each success story has their own formula for breaking through into the market. At URI, I have been able to work with several URI underclassmen who are interested in following this career path, but the resources and guidelines are not the easiest to find. I created this workshop as a way to learn the necessary skills and improve upon those skills they already have. Meeting together once a week, I instructed a group of students on strategies and procedures in sports broadcasting, including preparation, performance and after-the-fact reflections. Each student set primary goals of achievement and informed me of specific topics they wanted to cover over the course of the two semesters. With topics ranging from creating preparation charts, to “off-air” success, the course touched upon the most important keys to growing as a sports broadcaster. At the start and end of each semester, the students were asked to define their abilities on 1-5 scale based on knowledge and broadcast talent. The quantitative data was used to determine if there was an increase in overall ability from the beginning of the workshop to the end. Both television and radio broadcasting styles were taught and emulated during the course of the two semesters. The workshop also included hands-on opportunities on WRIU, the radio station on campus, and in-session recordings. Each of these assets are important to the development of their skills because of how important the art of practice is to the broadcasting field. My goal with this project was to inform and inspire younger students with information from a field both they and myself are passionate about. I aimed to give them the necessary foundation to better themselves not only as broadcasters, but sports personalities as well. I hoped to not only teach the students about the industry, but also learn more about it for myself, as I graduate and look to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.

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