Second Major



Hames, Carolyn

Advisor Department

Nursing, College of




Contraception; Reproductive Healthcare; LARC Devices


The field of Reproductive Healthcare covers nearly every aspect of women’s health. Even during non-reproductive years, Reproductive Healthcare is important for women because it provides medical care often essential to their lives before and after child-bearing years. Contraception is needed by many women before they wish to have children, and after they have any children they choose to have, they may again wish to use contraception or they may require help with postpartum care. One of many reasons why Reproductive Healthcare is so important is because it explains the wide array of options available when it comes to methods of contraception. Despite the large variety of methods available, women are often unable to obtain their preferred method. In order to discover why this is, several states including Vermont … created surveys asking providers to identify the biggest and most significant barriers their patients face when seeking Reproductive Healthcare. Until just recently, Rhode Island had no such data. This project is an in depth analysis of the data gathered from the provider survey distributed by the Rhode Island Department of Health. Many factors were compared in hopes of finding correlations between factors affecting reproductive health and contraception.