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marketing campaign; research; millennial females; casual wine; Barefoot wine

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Barefoot Wine is one of the most well-recognized wine brands and is especially known for its sweet taste and affordable price. It is not marketed to a specific audience -- only to be a casual, fun wine. Millennials drank 42 percent of all wine consumed in the US in 2015, and census information suggests that the number of people aged 21+ is growing. As this population grows, so does the opportunity for Barefoot Wine to target this group with marketing and advertising campaigns.

The purpose of this project was to develop a marketing campaign craft ed toward college-aged females -- aged 21-29 -- with the goal of expanding Barefoot Wine’s current market appeal. To develop this campaign, I conducted primary and secondary research to identify how to market Barefoot Wine to a new target audience. Millennials have a median income of $33,000, with almost $500 of that spent on alcohol annually, making them the right target audience for the budget wine brand. Using research results, I crafted a marketing campaign geared toward the millennial female audience. Th is campaign includes: a) a reasoning for the proposal, including a synthesis of the company’s history, and a SWOT (strengths / weaknesses / opportunities / threats) analysis of the company itself and its closest competitors; b) a description of the target audience, completed through research of population trends, marketing spending, and consumer habits; c) the purpose of the campaign, specifi cally the reasoning behind the target audience and the means of growth the campaign will bring to the company; d) a timeline for the campaign, including strategies for studying growth; and lastly e) the budget required.

The title of the campaign evolved into “Crackin’ Open a Cold Barefoot Moscato with the Gals.” It emphasizes the casualness and versatility of the wine and how it can be enjoyed any time of the year. The target audience was divided further into four different groups of women: college women, working women, young moms, and athletic women. A 30-second TV commercial was proposed with clips of each group of women enjoying the wine, and a social media campaign was also rolled out with the same commercial. The specific goals of the campaign, as outlined in the proposal, were to increase sales per week by 10 percent and increase social media engagement.

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