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Dean Libutti




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I co-founded Humans of URI my freshman year with the intention of highlighting the diverse population at URI through their stories. We still maintain the page today and authenticity has always been an integral pillar. This experience has given me a profound appreciation for the students I pass by every single day and the understanding that everyone has a unique story. What if the College of Business could fuse storytelling with marketing? I aim to showcase the authentically beautiful community at the College of Business.

Deciding on a University and then an academic college are very difficult and impactful decisions for prospective students. This requires a level of discernment that may not be intuitive; I went through this process myself and wish to make it easier for future students in this position.

Differentiation is paramount when competing against 3,000 other institutions in America. A personalized value proposition for the prospective students is necessary in order for them to make an informed decision. I will interview members of the College of Business to highlight their portrayals and enhance the value proposition.

I have been working with my mentor Dean Libutti, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, along with my photographer Kate Marcellino, a junior Marketing major. My project revolves around a consistent theme that I have applied to each interview -- RAMS: R(ams) - tell me about the people (students, faculty, staff); A(uthentic): what should every incoming freshman know? M(oving): tell me about an experience or story that really inspired you, and S(pecial): what is special or distinguishable about the College of Business at URI compared to business schools at other Universities? This unified theme will make the project more manageable and easier to interpret. Moreover, this project will act as a blueprint - I want this to inspire other colleges to give their prospective students the same chance.

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