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Joan Peckham

Advisor Department

Computer Science and Statistics




Marketing, Computer Science, Minors


Computer Science is one of the fastest growing industries with the highest job demand. It has allowed us to do things we’d never dream capable, and bring to life creations and projects in every field.

While it may not seem like it, computer science involves a great deal of creativity. There are thousands of different ways to code a program and billions of different uses for them. While not everyone may want to code programs for a living, I do believe having an understanding of computer science can be beneficial for any major or any career. Entrepreneurs can learn to code their own websites or apps, math majors can code formulas to solve problems more efficiently, and fashion or communication majors could utilize coding for graphic design or campaigns. If nothing else, having an understanding of computer science could at least open people’s minds to the possibilities and customization available to them if they wanted to hire a computer scientist.

With all the opportunities that lie within computer science, it is hard to believe that the minor is not more popular at URI. This is can be attributed to the stigmas that student’s don’t believe it can be beneficial to their career path, don’t think they will be able to fit it in their schedule, or for some, might not even know it exists! All of which can be alleviated with proper communication and increased awareness to students.

For my honors project I have created a comprehensive marketing plan for the University of Rhode Island computer science minor. As a marketing major, this project has allowed me to gain experience in creating an effective and original campaign while increasing exposure of the minor and presenting ideas to the computer science department from the views of a student.