McGlasson, Paula

Advisor Department





Theatre; Event planning; Production Management


The University of Rhode Island has given me the opportunity to explore and recognize many different interests that I never knew I previously had. While at the university I discovered my love for Theatre and the talent I have as a manager, as well as a love for event planning through my employment with University Events. These passions drove my desire to create an Honors Project that would help me learn more about management and planning on a scale that could have a large impact. When the theatre department won the Distinguished Visiting Artist Grant for 2017, I seized the opportunity to focus my project on a hand on learning experience.

The visiting artist, Rob Neill is a New York based actor and a founding ensemble member of The New York Neo-Futurists. For this project I assisted the theatre department in the planning and managing of Rob Neill’s two week residency and the one night only performance by The Neo-Futurists. I was able to combine aspects of event planning, such as marketing and logistics, with aspects of production managing, which includes planning, organizing, scheduling, recruiting staff, suggesting marketing and publicity strategies, box office and ticket coordination and front-of-house activities. Through this project I gained direct knowledge of hosting and planning for a large scale event and I benefited greatly from my engagement with outside professionals.