Leadership Studies


Jackson Frasier, Alison

Advisor Department

Human Development and Family Studies




Sophomore, Leadership, Values, Breakthrough, Education, Facilitation


College students are often faced with not knowing how to use their strengths and values in a leadership role. A college campus can feel hard to handle and difficult to find your home without knowing how to navigate it. The leadership minor and Center for Student Leadership Development helps undergraduates better understand who they are and how they can have a lasting impact on the University of Rhode Island (URI) community. An area where the minor has always felt they lack guidance is for their sophomore students who might not be currently enrolled in a leadership minor class and are fast approaching executive roles in campus organizations. This is a time where students need to be reminded of their values and strengths so they can use them in guiding some of our largest campus organizations. Over the course of my Honors project I created a Sophomore Breakthrough Experience where almost 50 sophomore students from across campus were invited to apply to help breakthrough what might be holding them back from being the leader they are destined for. In doing this, we created small groups led by seniors in the minor who would take them to different parts of the conference and serve as a resource. The students were reminded of their values and strengths through “Strength’s Quest,” and asked how they can uphold these when faced with difficult or strenuous situations. There were emotional and physical boundaries broken when the day ended with a board breaking exercise where students wrote a word or phrase that troubled them in being confident. I believe students will have the power to know more about themselves and excel exponentially to leave a long lasting impact on URI’s campus.