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Reyes, Ian

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Anonymity, Art, Social Media, Identity, Privacy

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Creative Commons License
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In an attempt to build a new type of even playing field for artists, Kira Wencek and I developed an anonymous art sharing web app under the moniker of Project Anonymous. In an attempt to mitigate the drawbacks of current online avenues for creative content sharing, the app addresses privacy issues, visibility issues, and external artist influence. As the theorist of the group, using research from Manuel Castelles, Danah Boyd, and Jaron Lanier, I assisted in shaping the functionality and oversaw the general direction of the application. This assisted me in theorizing the hypothetical outcomes and social impacts that the app may incur beyond our initial thoughts. Conversely, Kira developed the application, putting theory into practice. While our application began under a shared premise of examining how users react to a lack of external validation, with the addition of theory research, the app soon came to mean much more.