Killilea, Alfred [faculty advisor, Department of Political Science]




absurd; TechnoChrist; intermission


This article or section or project is not written in the formal tone expected of an honors project. Please improve it or discuss changes on the talk page. See URI's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. For years, various groups have predicted the end of the world, usually a spiritual or nuclear armageddon. Religious groups have predicted the second coming, Hollywood directors have predicted devastating wars with artificial intelligence, and conspiracy theorists predicted Y2K, among others. But every year, the world keeps not ending (widely regarded by scholars as a good thing). And while the world may not end anytime soon, events have been in motion that could easily snowball into World War III, and with the widespread proliferation of nuclear weapons... This story takes place in the United States, depicting a country on the brink of falling apart due to external and internal conflicts. A fractured political system. A schism in the Republican Party. A divided judiciary. A news media which doesn’t report news. Widespread conflagration in the Middle East (worse than now). Domestic terrorism. An oil hungry China taking its place as a super power. But what would a neurotic bureaucrat wanna-be, minor campaign worker trapped in the middle of the snowball have to say? Find out as Brad Orleck, in this multi-titled work takes on some of the above themes and more, including the religious right, the draft, death and more in this comical, off beat tale of what our society might look like in twenty or thirty short years. This abstract is a stub. You can help Brad by expanding it.