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Walshe, Rachel

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theatre; playwriting; production; directing; page to stage; acting

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Creative Commons License
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Theater has been a beloved art form for centuries, originating in Ancient Greek times and evolving into what we know today. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in theater, performing in my own school plays starting in elementary school and, upon entering high school, assisting the middle school next door in their productions. While I have been studying acting here at the University of Rhode Island, I have also had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in many aspects of stagecraft including stage management, costume and set design, set construction and scenic painting, and more recently directing. These “behind the scenes” experiences have enriched my work as an actor because I have developed a deeper appreciation for all the technical and design work that goes into mounting a production. In spite of these valuable experiences, there is one aspect of my theater training I have not yet encountered: writing for the stage. I am particularly drawn to the idea of creating a piece of theater that not only draws upon my stagecraft skills, but provides me a personal opportunity to document and reflect upon the formative experiences of my college years. The writing process itself was a challenge because I had to brainstorm an idea, then form that idea into a full story in only a short amount of time. My piece is titled “The Key”, and it has more than one meaning. Not only is there a literal key that the main character is toying with, but there is also a message that I feel is a key to happiness in your life. Through many workshop readings of drafts and receiving feedback, I finished the writing component and will be directing the now finished play. This project is a lot more than just directing a show and telling the actors where to stand when they say their lines. It has become my pride and joy and a story I cannot wait to share. I want theater to teach a lesson and make the audience think a little more when they leave, and come out of the experience with a more positive and open minded mindset.