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Nikitas, Derek

Advisor Department





Novel, Young Adult, English

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Creative Commons License
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In this young adult novel, Krystal is a teenage girl who is thrust into a mysterious world filled with a race of human beings with superior powers, after a terrifying accident exposes a special supernatural ability of her own. Krystal is then transferred unexpectedly, and reluctantly, to an unusual school where students wield these powers freely, calling themselves reincarnated “Clarion Souls” where their sole purpose on earth is to save the world from itself. She is only told that she must now learn the full potential of her own supernatural gifts before she hurts herself or the ones she loves. However, besides the obviously unnatural people at this school, something about this place seems too good to be true, and Krystal soon finds herself in the throes of a much bigger problem than she could ever imagine.

This is a story about a girl who has too much pride for her own good and refuses to seek help even when the situation demands it. In this novel she must overcome her closed-o attitude in order to gain a handle on a world where nothing is normal, and she must embrace her new powers in order to defeat the darkness surrounding her. Krystal must learn what it means to have evolved from another life as a reincarnated soul, and figure out how to cope with all that that entails. Why is she here, and why was her soul so important that it could not die within the body it possessed before?