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Howard, David

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interior design; interiors; AutoCAD; Revit; conceptual designs

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Creative Commons License
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As humans, we routinely spend time in the spaces we perceive to be comfortable and serve a purpose centralized to the individual. Most do not recognize the science behind what goes into making a space serve its purpose and that is done best by interior designers. Over time, it is common for the needs of a space to change in accordance with the changing times and current trends. The University of Rhode Island has recently made grand investments in the programs that attract the most students, leaving many other spaces overused and neglected. There has been continuous neglect to certain spaces on campus that are frequently used by students. Not only do these selected spaces call for some slight renovations, but also call for changes that will allow for optimal functionality and increase appeal to students. The selected spaces for this project include: the Airport Lounge in the Memorial Union, the Fine Arts Cafe Study Area in the Fine Arts building, and the Honors Lounge in Lippitt Hall.

This project embodies the self-exploration into the interior design world that is not present at the University, but applies the skills learned to improve the University’s appearance. With the application of self-taught skill of computer aided design softwares, I learned drafting skills using AutoCAD and how to create 3-D realistic renderings using Revit.