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Faflik, David

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Bibliotherapy; literature; therapy; divorce; adolescents; emotions

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Emotions that adolescents face while experiencing their parents’ divorce can be traumatic. They often feel as though they have no one else to turn to, and feel alone. There are different types of therapy that can help individuals cope with their emotions and bibliotherapy can be used as a self-coping technique.

Bibliotherapy is a method used to cope with certain feelings from different experiences. It is a reading program that includes a variety of literature to offer emotional therapy. It is effective by aiding the individual who is struggling with his or her feelings to identify with a particular character, allowing them to realize that they are not alone in the experience of what they are feeling. This is extremely important when it comes to adolescents coping with their parents’ divorce because they may feel abandonment by the people they love.

I have worked to create a reading program that can be used for adolescents who are coping with their parents’ divorce. The program is broken down into five stages, to coincide with the five stages of emotions that adolescents experience when their parents get divorced. The program includes a variety of literature to help the adolescent move forward to the next stage, with the goal of a successful revival from the divorce experience.