Animal Science and Technology

Second Major

Biological Sciences




horse training; horse; survey; New England; trainer


New England no longer has a significant horse training industry. It has many small operations with no obvious and overlapping training philosophies or practices. Show and competition programs are intense and competitive at regional, national and even international levels leading to the observation that techniques employed are equally strategic and tediously designed in order to encourage the exemplary results in the show ring. This study aimed to examine the methods, routines, and strategies that are used by top tier trainers in the New England region of the United States. This information was collected both in survey form and in interview form, to maximize collection and indications of how each particular trainer, breeder, or owner was most easily contacted. The data was then compiled, analyzed for trends, outliers, and other points of interest with the end goal of giving a basic but thorough view of the methods and strategies used by trainers of prestige in the New England area. Results of this study will hold relevance both to those interested in this luxury hobby and to economy minded individuals, as horses are still a substantial percentage of livestock in the New England area. Future studies in the New England area could target a larger group of trainers and stables, while future studies could also be performed in other regions of the United States.