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marketing, children, sports, clothes, toys

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Today’s children are tomorrow’s consumers. It was stated in my Consumer Behavior class that children in the household have a lot of power in terms of what is bought by the family. In the day and age of technology that we currently live in, children have so much more access to information than children of even ten years ago. They do not even necessarily have to into a store’s physical location, but rather just go online. Young children play with dolls and action figures, and as they age they lose interest in those toys and tend to shift to sports, videogames, and other extracurricular activities. As children age they change, and so do their interests.

It is my goal to hone in on a particular age or age range to explore if there is a certain age or age range that these shifts tend to happen. I am looking to identify an age or age range when the child’s focus shifts from having their parents buy them action figures and dolls to buying clothes they want or sports apparel and equipment that they want. I chose to select this as my topic to combine my experience of working with children as a summer camp counselor for the past seven years and my knowledge as a marketing major in the College of Business Administration.

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