Harper, Allison

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physical activity, running, cycling

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Running is an exercise that gives several benefits, but is very hard on joints of the ankles, knees and hips. Research has shown how much impact running puts on the knee joint cartilage and this can lead to various types of injuries. Cycling is often the choice of exercise when taking a break from running or recovering from an injury. There is less of an impact on the joints, but different muscles are activated. This has led researchers to often believe that the two cannot be comparable.

The goal of this project is to conduct a research study that will test whether or not cycling can be comparable to running when examining the metabolic aspects of exercise. In previous years, it was believed that running and cycling could not be comparable due to muscle specificity. Researchers have also looked at the metabolic aspects of exercise and comparing running and cycling. My goal is to provide another piece of research on the metabolic aspects that has not been done. That is looking at how rates of perceived exertion can vary from person to person and they may differ when applied to various modes of exercise.

After the results have been determined, the research will provide information for myself, athletes, trainers and other exercise physiologists. For myself, I will gain knowledge of testing, refine taking vitals, and better my own workout routine. For athletes and trainers, this will aid in when injuries occur knowing how to keep the athlete in peak condition. For other researchers and exercise physiologists, I hope that the results will encourage more research into the comparability of running and cycling as well as the knowledge that they can have similar benefits.