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DiCioccio, Rachel

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Communication Studies




same-sex; workplace; personality; climate

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Dealing with different personalities and gender roles is nothing new in the workplace. Today, the workplace is filled with an abundance of elements that affect the overall climate of the work environment. The elements have a direct influence on the ways in which co-workers interact with one another on a daily basis. In order to see how an organization works, it is important to observe the employees of the organization. The employees each play vital roles in the company and add to the organization’s overall climate and dynamics.

Typically at organizations, there are both male and female employees. However, I have identified a food service organization whose employees are all female. I chose to conduct a case study on this unique environment to analyze the personalities and roles of the workers as well as the culture and the climate of the workplace environment.

I aim to observe and describe the common themes among the workers’ roles at work as well as the overall climate of the workplace. In order to observe and analyze this same-sex organization, I have conducted a case study. The study analyzes various aspects of the organization’s employees in terms of their personality, gender roles, and their effects on the climate. My study is comprised of both quantitative and qualitative data that I collected through surveys and interviews. With my study of this same-sex environment, I intend to gain a better understanding of how one same-sex workplace operates.