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management; operations; marketing and promotion

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The event itself was designed to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. In the early stages of the project, it was clear that a charity event would have the largest impact both on our experiential learning as well as the community as a whole. Dana-Farber was selected as the events beneficiary due to their impressive contributions to cancer research worldwide. While the success of the project isn't solely determined by charitable contributions we collected, it provided a form of measurement of progress throughout the semester. With the goal of simultaneously promoting student health, the event was organized in the form of a 5k-road race, taking place on the University's Kingston campus.

In preparing our event, we have discovered the importance of communication among parties. This project has also assisted us in the development of interpersonal skills. Co-managing an event requires presentations, negotiations, and correspondence with campus officials, potential corporate sponsors, and our project mentors. During the planning stage of our project we drafted an outline of necessary department approvals, such as, requesting emergency response personnel, reserving an appropriate venue, and receiving liability waivers. Additionally, we created an action plan, which allowed us to effectively delegate tasks, recognize potential weaknesses, and document progress. We were also responsible for updating our project sponsors on a bi-weekly basis with a progress report.

Utilizing and combining various disciplines of business has allowed us to assess our abilities as we prepare to enter the workforce. Upon completion of the project, we will have exercised important responsibilities and skills that are required for success in the field of business.