Maslyn, David

Advisor Department

Library and Information Studies




Guerilla Marketing, Transit Marketing, Brochure


As the University of RI moves into the new millennium, it has created its brand, “Think Big, We Do”. This brand requires different collaborative marketing strategies for different units within the university. Academic libraries provide intellectual products, consumed by a specific audience.

Marketing academic libraries entails a market analysis of the target audience, creating a strategic plan to address the library’s marketing audience, and designing a marketing instrument. The target audience of the University Libraries was identified as college students under the age of 25 because of academic requirements, cost of textual materials, and access to electronic resources. Using library products will significantly reduce the amount of money the average college student will have to spend on their education. The University Libraries provide these resources, but their visibility is hidden in the labyrinth of other academic entities and services. As part of this project a brochure and a poster was produced that can be formatted for the intended audience. Marketing research indicates that success with the target audience can best be realized using guerilla marketing and transit marketing campaigns.

Library 7 A.jpg (3184 kB)
The Front Of The Brochure

Library 8 A.jpg (3642 kB)
The Back Of The Brochure