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Hong Kong; green energy

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Hong Kong and the Future of Green Energy

Kelly DeAngelis

Faculty Sponsor: Wayne He, Chinese

Hong Kong, with a large, dense population that uses a vast amount of energy, has become China’s epicenter of trade and economic development. Currently, Hong Kong relies on nuclear power and fossil fuels for most of its energy needs. The growing concern of global climate change and the depletion of traditional fuel reserves inspired me to investigate the green technologies that have the potential to replace or supplement current energy sources.

The purpose of my project is to provide an informative and interesting assessment of Hong Kong’s current energy consumption and its prospective use of green energy technologies.

The first element of my project is a short, original essay outlining my review of Hong Kong’s present and future energy consumption, based on information from secondary sources. The second element of the project is the adaptation of the essay into a presentation that I have translated into Chinese and will deliver as a speech in the Hong Kong Cup Chinese Speech Contest. The final element of my project is the development of a sustainable website that will follow the expansion of green energy practices in Hong Kong and other major cities in China.

I have designed this project as a starting point for my future research concerning China and its alternative energy policies, usage, and implementation. I have incorporated my study of Chinese language and my interest in the viability of green technologies to create this multifaceted project. All of the elements will spark your interest in China and get you thinking about “going green.”

Keywords: Hong Kong; green energy

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