Samson, Lilla [faculty advisor, Department of Art]




art, environment, recycling


The Environment: it is what surrounds us, what we breathe, what we walk on, yet we do not pay much attention to it. Over the centuries, from the start of agriculture and civilization, humankind has been making its mark on the earth. Not always aware of our impact on the planet, we have bit by bit altered the land, water, and atmosphere. This alteration has created pressing issues that only seem to be getting worse with time. I think it is very important to continue informing the public about the significance of these current issues through any mode of awareness.

I have portrayed these major environmental concerns through four distinct art pieces. I have combined both two-dimensional and three-dimensional aspects of art in each, using recycled materials to manifest beauty visually and environmentally. Is there ever a thought that a toilet paper roll or a simple bottle cap could be so versatile as to eventually become pieces of art? As mundane as these objects may appear or be perceived, they are the raw materials for a new kind of art. I have used both materials that can and cannot be recycled. Although various artists all over the world have already been working with this type of art, this project has been my attempt to express my own personal vision as related to these ideas.

Each piece of artwork deals with a certain environmental issue present today. These four pieces are titled: Land, Air, Water, and Entropy. They represent environmental issues such as deforestation, climate change, and water pollution. In this way, I have been able to increase awareness of key environmental issues, while carrying out the very act of recycling through my artwork. This project has allowed me to explore a contemporary art form, as well as, give me the opportunity to portray my deepest concerns about the environment.