Comerford, Robert [faculty advisor, College of Business Administration]




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The best way to determine the success of a new business is to develop a business plan for the company. The plan will build a foundation for the business and will present all of the potential strengths, issues, and strategies that may be used and faced. The plan acts as a calling card for the company, while allowing the entrepreneur to see the business through an investor’s eyes. It should be completed in a way that is presentable, understandable, and encouraging to the investor who is considering helping in your venture. It is also a decision tool for the entrepreneur to decide whether or not opening this new business is a smart idea.

In addition to introducing the business and its goals, a business plan includes the answers to several concerning questions. Answers determining how the company will make a profit, what personnel will need to be acquired, who the customers are, what marketing techniques will be used, where funding will come from, among several others.

For this project I have chosen to create a model for an online business that I have thought of. The product that I will be selling is posters of words that the customers have chosen. The words will be formed by different, unique letters that I have taken pictures of from signs in any location (not including copyrighted letters). These signs include restaurant titles, stores, billboards, posters, and anything within my reach. The idea is that once the customer has chosen the letters and word that they want to appear on their poster, they will be able to order it right through the website. The largest part of my project will be creating a business plan for this idea. The plan will address and clarify all the different aspects that will go into starting this online business

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