De Bruin, Karen [faculty advisor, Department of Languages]


Lacoste-Kapstein, Claire [faculty advisor, Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design]




textiles; manufacturing; design; french; France; marketing


France has always thrived in the fashion forefront. Known for its couture and prêt-a-porter industries, it has developed into the fashion capital of the world. Therefore, the dual study of Fashion and French Language is a relevant, exciting, and dynamic combination.

As a senior, I am about to complete the Textiles, Merchandising, & Design and French Language dual degree program. Thus, I wanted to create a project that would combine both of my respective majors.

I have created a fashion line and brand that I will be presenting to the French market. My line Kristen Thomas en Luxe consists of ready-to-wear, luxury designs, all in the form of the basic t-shirts. The line transforms the preconceived notion of the basic

t-shirt and expresses outstanding creativity, materials, and innovation.

In introducing my brand to the French market, it is necessary to create a business and marketing plan completely in French. I have researched the French market, demographics, psychographics and trade policies. My marketing plan is also based on this research and the specific French target market to which my brand caters.

After sketching designs, hunting for fabrics, constructing garments, researching a foreign market and marketing a brand, I have taken on the role of a “one woman” fashion company. My project will demonstrate the results and take you on my truly “luxe” adventure.