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cello; music; composer


Throughout my life, music has been incredibly important and influential. As a cellist for over 15 years, and a great admirer of music for as long as I can remember, music has been an outlet for self-expression and reflection. Realizing the power of music on a personal level, is what first inspired me to learn more about the history, culture, social setting, and life of the composers involved with the various pieces I have studied. I have come to realize that classical music, even without lyrics, can express the deepest emotions, share complex ideas, and create revolutionary change. It is easy to see the transformative power of music in repertoire that has words - there is a clear message for all to hear. With classical music, the message is harder to find and often requires in depth study. When performing music on my cello, I have often wished there was a way to portray a deeper sense of the music, a sense that not only involves the beauty of the sound, but also includes the interdisciplinary significance of the piece. This is what I hope to create with my honors project. For this project, I have created original recordings of classic cello repertoire. I am able to share my personal interpretation of each piece, by performing each piece myself. To share this music more deeply with others, I have used written word to form an interdisciplinary perspective on each piece. I have included my personal feelings about the piece, the situations or stories surrounding each particular piece, and most importantly information about the composer. It is my hope that this project will encourage people to think more deeply about the significance and impact of music. This cello anthology includes compositions from Antonin Dvorak, Edward Elgar, and J.S. Bach. These composers vary in sound and message. I have recorded the second movement of Antonin Dvorak’s cello concerto in B minor, the first movement of Edward Elgar’s cello concerto in E minor, and several movements of J. S. Bach’s unaccompanied cello suites. In order to complete this project I spent considerable amounts of time practicing and polishing all these pieces in order to prepare them for the studio recording. I worked with my cello teacher weekly and obtained her expert advice on the proper performance of these pieces. I then spent time in the studio to create the highest quality recordings possible. I aimed to create recordings that are both technically and artistically appealing. I tried various microphone placements in order to find the best way to create the most natural sounding recording possible. In order to understand the pieces more deeply, I completed in depth research about each piece, composer, and the place and time period in which the piece was produced. I hope that by sharing this compilation with others I will not only be able to share my personal love of music, but also demonstrate the interdisciplinary quality that so much music holds. I hope to create a spark of interest in others so that they will take the time to discover the meaning hidden beneath the beautiful notes.

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