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Volume XXIV, Number 2 (January 2017)

Includes supplementary graphic. The author writes, "While the January value of 75 looks good, revisions to the 2016 labor market data were less than kind to RI. In fact, our state's labor force behavior is soooo bad (yes, I intended this), I will continue to referring to its trend as a Train Wreck! Our labor force has failed to increase for every year since our prior employment peak (December 2006). This, along with the sustained weakness from Q2, shows that RI has major structural weaknesses that must be addressed -- starting now! Our elected officials can no longer operate in their comfort zone of Mañana mode. It's time for them to move into crisis mode.

I have attached a file to illustrate this deeply disturbing labor market trend (also check out my Twitter account for more)."

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Labor_Force_Train_Wreck.jpg (99 kB)
"Labor Force Train Wreck" graphic included with January 2017 newsletter

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