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Objective: To examine acceptability and feasibility of a Transtheoretical Model (TTM)-based computer-tailored intervention for increasing HPV vaccination in college-aged women.

Participants: 243 women ages 18-26 were recruited between February and May of 2011.

Methods: Participants completed the intervention and a 14-item evaluation of intervention content and delivery.

Results: Most participants had heard of HPV (91%), but the majority (57%) of participants were in Precontemplation for getting vaccinated. Eighty nine percent of participants rated the CTI positively across all acceptability items, and 91% endorsed intention to get vaccinated after intervention. While average ratings in each demographic subgroup were positive, Hispanic women and participants in more advanced Stages of Change rated the program more favorably than non-Hispanic and earlier stage participants. Additionally, HPV Knowledge was higher among White/Non-Hispanic participants.

Conclusions: Initial acceptability and feasibility data for this intervention is promising. Its computer-based, individually-tailored format is state of the art and ideal for inexpensive dissemination.


All authors are from the Department of Psychology and affiliated with the Cancer Prevention Research Center.

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