Effects of joint hospital admission and couples treatment for hospitalized alcoholics: A pilot study

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In a pilot study evaluating the effectiveness of joint hospitalization and couples treatment for alcoholics and alcohol abusers, 33 persons hospitalized with alcohol problems and their nonalcoholic spouses were randomly assigned to one of three experimental treatment groups: joint (husband and wife) hospitalization followed by couples and individual outpatient treatment for both spouses: couples and individual outpatient treatment for both without joint admission: or individual inpatient and outpatient treatment for the patient alone. Couples were evaluated at 6-8 weeks and 6-8 months after hospital discharge. All groups showed significant decreases in number of reported marital problems, depression, anxiety, other psychological symptoms and decreased impairment from use of alcohol. Only the joint admission and couples groups showed significant decreases in quantity of alcohol consumed although the individuals group also decreased markedly. There were no other significant differences among the three groups, and no significant differences between the joint admission and combined couples and individual groups. Implications for a marital treatment approach to alcoholism are discussed. © 1979.

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Addictive Behaviors