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Little is known about treatment process for behavior change for brief interventions. Patient ratings of treatment process during a patient-centered brief intervention for alcohol were used to predict post-treatment alcohol use and consequences. We use data from a randomized clinical trial that compared the effects of BI (1 session) to BI and booster (BIB, 2 sessions) to reduce harmful drinking and alcohol consequences. Subjects were n = 167 (BI) and n = 82 (BIB). Five of the 12 ratings were rated significantly higher by those in the BIB condition compared to BI. The only predictor of reduced alcohol consequences at 12-months was higher ratings of, “I have obtained some new understanding,” for BIB participants (t = − 2.50, p < .05). Patient perspectives on treatment may have a role in patient outcomes and should be explored as a dimension of treatment process.

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