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Creative Commons License
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This report documents the processing of data collected from an line of inverted echo sounders equipped with bottom pressure gauges and current meters (CPIES) deployed offshore of Oregon in the Cascadia subduction zone region from April to November 2017. The line consisted of four URI-model CPIES across the continental slope, spanning water depths from 2900 m to 1300 m. From offshore to onshore, the sites were designated O1, O1.5, O2 and O3. The instrument spacing telescoped toward the coast from 3.5 km to 7 km to 9 km. CTDs were taken at each site on the deployment and recovery cruises. Additionally, two Sonardyne-model PIES (lacking the integrated current meter) were colocated at the deepest and shallowest sites (O1 and O3) for comparison tests. An Aanderaa Seaguard current meter was moored in August 2017 at site O2 because the status of CPIES current meter at that location was uncertain.