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From May of 1988 to August 1990, as part of the SYNOP field program, twelve tall moorings measured the Gulf Stream's temperature and velocity fields at nominal depths of 400 m, 700 m, 1000 m, and 3500 m. Although stiff, high-performance moorings were used to maintain the top current meters at approximately 400 m below the surface (~4000 m above the sea floor), the jet's drag caused the moorings to make vertical excursions.

Therefore, the current meter data were corrected to constant horizons using a modified version of Hogg's (1991) mooring motion correction scheme. An important extension of Hogg's (1991) method is the inclusion of a weighted interpolation of the measured temperatures. This modification assures that as the current meter measurements approach the respective nominal depths, the corrected temperature and velocity outputs smoothly approach the measurements; i.e. the compensated u, v, T records are truer to the measured records.

This report documents the mooring motion correction of the SYNOP Central Array temperature and velocity data.