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We calculate density profiles for self-gravitating clusters of an ideal Bose-Einstein gas with nonrelativistic energy-momentum relation and macroscopic mass at thermal equilibrium. Our study includes clusters with planar symmetry in dimensions D = 1, 2, 3, clusters with cylindrical symmetry in D = 2, 3, and clusters with spherical symmetry in D = 3. Wall confinement is imposed where needed to prevent escape. The length scale and energy scale in use for the gaseous phase render density profiles for gaseous macrostates independent of total mass. Density profiles for mixed-phase macrostates have a condensed core surrounded by a gaseous halo. The spatial extension of the core is negligibly small on the length scale tailored for the halo. The mechanical stability conditions as evident in caloric curves permit multiple macrostates to coexist. Their status regarding thermal equilibrium is examined by a comparison of free energies. The onset of condensation takes place at a nonzero temperature in all cases. The critical singularities and the nature of the phase transition vary with the symmetry of the cluster and the dimensionality of the space.

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Physical Review E