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The surface-state bands of the (1×1) and (1×2) phases of Bi/GaSb(110) have been probed using angle-resolved ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation. Four Bi-induced surface-state bands have been identified for both the (1×1) and the (1×2) phases. The bands with the lowest binding energies (SI and SII) have been attributed to intrachain bonding in the Bi overlayer and the higher-binding-energy bands (SIII and SIV) to overlayer states involved in the back bonding of the overlayer to the substrate. Based on initial-state dispersion measurements, we conclude that the Bi chains in the epitaxial overlayer remain intact throughout the phase transition. We propose a model for the overlayer structure of the (1×2) phase of Bi/GaSb(110).

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