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Botet and Jullien [Phys. Rev. B 27, 613 (1983)] have conducted a finite-chain scaling analysis on the spin-1 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg-Ising chain. They claim that the ground-state properties are completely different from the case of spin 1/2. Using finite-size scaling techniques, they conclude that between the XY gapless phase and the doublet-ground-state Néel phase, a new phase appears in an extended anisotropy range. This phase, which encompasses the isotropic Heisenberg model, is characterized by a nonmagnetic singlet ground state and a nonzero excitation-energy gap. We perform a similar finite-chain scaling analysis on the spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg-Ising chain and obtain strikingly similar results. Since the spin-1/2 system is known rigorously not to exhibit the type of behavior proposed by Botet and Jullien, their analysis is open to doubt. The possibility arises that a strong singularity at the Heisenberg point for spin 1 (similar to the essential singularity for spin 1/2) may be giving rise to misleading results. The T=0 phase behavior of the spin-1 Heisenberg-Ising antiferromagnetic chain, therefore, remains in question and specific additional numerical studies are proposed to clarify the matter.

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