Integrated acoustics systems for ocean observatories

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Integrated acoustics systems providing navigation and communications and conducting acoustic measurements in support of science applications is, in concept, analogous to the Global Positioning System, but relies on acoustics because the ocean is opaque to electromagnetic waves and transparent to sound. A series of nested systems is envisioned, from small- to regional- to basin-scale. A small number of acoustic sources sending coded, low power signals can service unlimited numbers of inexpensive receivers. Drifting floats with receivers can be racked accurately while collecting ocean circulation and heat data, as well as ambient sound data about wind, rain, marine mammals, and seismic activity. The sources can double as transmitters of control data from users to remote instruments; if enabled as receivers, two-way acoustic communications links in large-scale networks can be established. Acoustic-based instrumentation that shares the acoustic bandwidth with, and depends upon, the navigation and communications capabilities complete the concept of integrated acoustic systems.

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SSC 2003 - 3rd International Workshop on Scientific Use of Submarine Cables and Related Technologies