Simultaneous measurement of free surface elevation and three-component velocity field around a translating surface-piercing foil

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Two methods are investigated to simultaneously obtain both three-dimensional (3D) velocity field and free surface elevations (FSEs) measurements near a surface piercing foil, while limiting the equipment. The combined velocity field and FSE measurements are obtained specifically for the validation of numerical methods requiring simultaneous field data and free surface measurements for a slender body shape. Both methods use stereo particle image velocimetry (SPIV) to measure three component velocities in the flow field and both methods use an off the shelf digital camera with a laser intersection line to measure FSEs. The first method is performed using a vertical laser sheet oriented parallel to the foil chord line. Through repetition of experiments with repositioning of the laser, a statistical representation of the three-dimensional flow field and surface elevations is obtained. The second method orients the vertical laser sheet such that the foil chord line is orthogonal to the laser sheet. A single experiment is performed with this method to measure the three-dimensional three component (3D3C) flow field and free surface, assuming steady flow conditions, such that the time dimension is used to expand the flow field in 3D space. The two methods are compared using dynamic mode decomposition and found to be comparable in the primary mode. Utilizing these methods produces results that are acceptable for use in numerical methods verification, at a fraction of the capital and computing cost associated with two plane or tomographic particle image velocimetry (PIV).

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Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering