Design response spectra for offshore structures

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Conference Proceeding

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The paper develops design response spectra for fixed offshore platforms subjected to random wave loadings, in which the random wave is characterized by either a Pierson-Moskowitz or a JONSWAP spectrum. Each design response spectrum is obtained by taking the average of 100 response spectra from repeated simulations. The design response spectrum developed can be used directly for various sea states. This flexibility is attributed to the use of a standarized equation of motion. An example is given to demonstrate the efficiency and simplicity of using the design response spectrum. Due to its efficiency and simplicity, as well as its flexibility (applicable to various sea states) and reliability (developed based on sufficient number of simulations), the design response spectrum developed is recommended to be used during the preliminary design stages in order to estimate the maximum dynamic response of a fixed offshore platform.

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Proceedings of the First International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

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