Modeling of overturning waves over arbitrary bottom in a 3D numerical wave tank

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Conference Proceeding

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An accurate three-dimensional (3D) Numerical Wave Tank solving fully nonlinear potential flow theory is developed and validated for modeling wave propagation up to overturning over arbitrary bottom topography. The model combines a higher-order 3D-BEM and a Mixed-Eulerian-Lagrangian time updating of the free surface, based on explicit second-order Taylor series expansions, with adaptive time steps. The spatial discretization is third-order and imposes continuity of the inter-element slopes. Discretized boundary conditions at intersections between domain boundary sections (corner/edges) are well-posed in all cases of mixed Dirichlet-Neuman problems. Waves can be generated in the tank by wavemakers, or be directly specified on the free surface. If required, absorbing layers can be specified on lateral boundaries. Node regridding to a finer resolution can be specified at any time step over selected areas of the free surface. Results are presented for both validation tests, with a permanent wave propagation over constant depth, and for the computation of a 3D overturning wave over a ridge. Finally, one computation is presented for a case of 3D wave impact on a vertical wall.

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Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference