SlickMap: An interactive computer model of oil containment by a boom

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Conference Proceeding

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Simplified but accurate and efficient FORTRAN-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools were developed for modeling the behavior of a two-fluid (oil-water) flow system, in a vertical plane through the boom apex, with the possibility of including rigid structures such as booms and a rigid bottom (quasi-hydrostatic model for the oil, and inviscid model for the water, plus the effect of friction and dissipation at the oil-water interface and within the slick). Model results were calibrated using OHMSETT's experiments. The CFD tools were linked to and run by SlickMap's VB interface, which automatically sets-up data and grids for the models, using only a few simple user-supplied parameters. SlickMap can provide both significant insight and useful quantitative results regarding oil slick containment by booms. This is an abstract of a paper presented at the 23rd Arctic and Marine Oil Spill Program, AMOP Technical Seminar (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 6/14-16/2000).

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Environment Canada Arctic and Marine Oil Spill Program Technical Seminar (AMOP) Proceedings





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