Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry



First Advisor

Phyllis R. Brown


High performance developed to isolate phospholipids and liquid chromatographic methods were and purify naturally occurring synthetic experimental Anti-AIDS liponucleotides on a preparative scale. Separations were optimized on packed with an analytical size method development column, the same media used in the preparative separations. A phospholipid class separation, on a silica stationary phase, was developed for the isolation of lecithin in chicken egg yolk. The collected fractions were analyzed for purity by analytical HPLC with UV and light scattering detection. Liponucleotides have been synthesized and required HPLC for purification. The methodology was based upon conventional phospholipid species separations on reversed-phase supports. The isolated compounds were analyzed by analytical HPLC and were characterized by UV analysis. In addition, a laser light scattering detector was used to quantitate the major phospholipids in egg yolk and evaluate lecithin and liponucleotide fractions. Preliminary work was also conducted on the evaluation of a new interface for HPLC-Infrared Spectroscopy.



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