Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics


Marine Resources



First Advisor

Harlan C. Lampe


This dissertation investigates the expansion of the Chilean fisheries focusing on the processing and marketing activities for seven fish species that represent over 90% of the catch and for two groups of the remaining fish species. A review is made of the current condition of the Chilean fisheries, its expansion potential and some possible expansion alternatives. It is established that there exists an ample potential for the expansion of the catch and physical production of fishery commodities. A model is developed to characterize the economic system formed by the fisheries extractive and related activities and assess the profitability of investment under different expansion alternatives. This model includes (a) the random generation of a catch, that is normally distributed, for 9 fish species in groups of fish species; (b) the optimal allocation of fish harvested to 25 fish processing and 125 marketing activities, by means of a separable programming model that simulates the behavior of fish processors and distributors in the country's five fishing zones. The results of the model of the fishery economic system indicate static rates of return on investment in the different zones and determines the intertemporal internal rate of return for the investment in different zones.

The major conclusion of the study is that it is economically feasible to expand the output of both processed and unprocessed fishery commodities, partly in Zone II.

The study concludes with a discussion of future directions for research, including improvement of the quality of the basic data used, and to a lesser degree refinement of the model, to improve the accuracy and reliability of the results.



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