Date of Award


Degree Type


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Doctor of Philosophy in Education



First Advisor

Lori Ciccomascolo


For many years, the status of physical education (PE) in public schools in Palestine as well as other countries was jeopardized. However, the decline of engagement in PE and the reduction and/or elimination of PE programs in the US and other countries including Palestine, along with the increased obesity and sedentary behaviors among children, have motivated governments in countries like Canada, the United States and England to take action (Cairney et al., 2007; & Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency, 2007). Students in the United States and other countries, including Palestine, tend to demonstrate negative attitudes toward physical education (PE) at the middle and high school levels. Middle and high school students who do demonstrate a positive attitude toward PE suggest that it is because of an enjoyment. Thus, to change students’ negative attitude at schools in Palestine, enjoyment in PE classes is a promising way to achieve this. The purpose of this study was to investigate Palestinian elementary school students’ enjoyment in physical education (PE) classes and physical activity (PA) and the teaching practices that predict this enjoyment in PE. The relationship between Palestine students’ enjoyment in PE classes and their engagement in physical activities were also investigated. Participants (n= 203) included students from elementary public schools (6th grade) in West Bank/Palestine. Participants’ ages ranged from 10 to 13 years. The students completed the following surveys: 1) PE Enjoyment Scale, 2) Physical Education Teaching Processes Questionnaire, 3) Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children, and, 4) Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale. T-test and iv multiple regression analysis were utilized between the variables in the study as well as the descriptive statistics. The results indicated students in Palestine enjoy their PE classes as well as their PA but no gender differences were found in their enjoyment. Results also showed that Palestinian students’ enjoyment in PE is positively linked to their participation in PA.



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