Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology


School Psychology



First Advisor

Lisa L. Weyandt


The primary goal of the present study was to investigate overall and domain-based life satisfaction of expatriate students attending international schools compared to students who attend international schools in their home country. The present study included 114 students from eleven international schools located across nine European countries. Participants completed measures concerning demographic information and the Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale (MSLSS). Statistical analyses revealed levels of life satisfaction to be in the positive range for all students. Results indicated that domain-based and overall life satisfaction, as measured by the MSLSS, was similar for males and females. No significant differences were found between expatriate students and local students in overall life satisfaction. Family was the only MSLSS domain in which expatriate youth reported to be less satisfied compared to their local peers. The relationship between expatriate youth‟s international relocation experiences and current life satisfaction was also explored. Expatriate students‟ number of relocations was negatively related to both age of first relocation and years in the host country, and positively related to years away from their home country. Findings revealed that years away from home country was negatively related to age of first relocation. Overall life satisfaction, however, as measured by the MSLSS, was not significantly related to any of the predictor variables. Future directions for research are discussed in light of the study‟s limitations and implications.



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