Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics



First Advisor

Gerhard Müller


We investigate self-gravitating clusters of an ideal Bose-Einstein gas with nonrelativistic energy-momentum relation and Fermi-Dirac gas with both relativistic and nonrelativistic energy-momentum relation. The clusters are subject to Newtonian gravity and are considered to be at thermal and mechanical equilibrium. We examine clusters with planar, cylindrical, and spherical symmetry in varying spatial dimension. By combining the conditions of thermal and mechanical equilibrium we derive a deferential equation for the fugacity, from which we calculate density profiles. Our work focuses primarily on the acquisition and analysis of these density profiles, as well as an energetic description of the problem mainly through the analysis of caloric curves. Comparisons of clusters highlight the effects and importance of symmetry and spatial dimension.



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