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Rationale: Experiences of the innovative method Reflective STRENGTH‐Giving Dialogue (STRENGTH), which is grounded in a lifeworld perspective and developed to improve quality of care, is described in this study. Innovative thinking in developing health and social care, which may include digital solutions, is required to ensure a meaningful and dignified life in old age.

Aim: The aim of this study was to describe experiences of the intervention Reflective STRENGTH‐Giving Dialogue from the perspective of older persons living with long‐term health problems.

Method: Individual qualitative interviews were conducted with 27 older persons who participated in the intervention. The older persons wrote notes from each dialogue in booklets, and the booklets became part of the study data, analysed with a Reflective Lifeworld Research approach.

Results: STRENGTH is experienced as an opportunity to reflect upon life and identify small and large life projects. Dialogues that lead to change in thoughts and actions influence the older persons' well‐being, sense of balance, joy and meaning in life. There is an experience of STRENGTH as a starting point and a push to move forward in an effort to experience joy and meaning in life when living with long‐term health problems.

Conclusions: STRENGTH has the potential to contribute to quality improvement in person‐centred care and enhance meaning in life for older persons living with long‐term health problems. However, the use of a digital tool in this particular context poses challenges that must be considered.

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