Lessons From the Field: Strategies for Success in Obtaining Grant Funding

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Objective: To summarize a preconference workshop that focused on how to be successful in obtaining funding by making one’s scholarship innovative and significant. Method: In 2021, at the annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) Conference, a panel of nurse scholars reflected on and discussed how to make grant proposals innovative and significant. Two moderators posed questions to five panelists at different stages in their research trajectories about four key research concepts: idea conception, framing for the funding agency, significance, and innovation. Results: Conceptualizing an innovative, scholarly idea starts with a passion for the topic, a team of experts and scholarly community, and time to think and delve into the literature. For funding opportunities, start small, read the funding announcements thoroughly and carefully, and make sure it is the right fit. Strategies to illustrate significance include avoiding generalizations, maintaining objectivity, being clear about impact, and using strength-based language. Contemplate the many facets of innovation as well as balance innovation and feasibility. Conclusions: Inclusion of challenges in composing significance and innovation sections of grant proposals offers knowledge for psychiatric nurse researchers to add to their toolkits as they seek funding and conduct research and scholarship.

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Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association