Binge Eating Among Racial Minority Groups in the United States: An Integrative Review

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BACKGROUND: Binge eating (BE) is a disordered eating behavior that has been linked to the development of eating disorders and obesity, with the latter being a condition with higher prevalence rates among some racial minority groups. Although researchers have begun to examine characteristics of BE among racial minority groups, it is unclear how these differ from White populations. OBJECTIVE: This article provides an integrative review of published literature within the past decade reporting on the characteristics of BE in minority compared with White racial groups. METHOD: Health care computerized databases were searched using key terms. RESULTS: Eighteen research studies met the inclusion criteria. More than half of the studies reviewed reported racial differences in some aspect of BE; however, heterogeneity in the definition and measurement of BE limits the ability to compare findings across studies. CONCLUSIONS: BE is reported across racial groups. To determine whether meaningful differences in BE exist by race, further studies using the same conceptual and operational definitions of BE are needed.

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Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association