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Diet, sleep quality, and exercise are important determinants of physical, mental, and emotional health. College students are particularly vulnerable to impaired health, as they experience multiple unique stressors associated with college life that impact their ability to engage in healthy sleep, diet, and exercise habits. Our results found that exercise significantly mediated the association between sleep quality and diet. Improved sleep habits may increase a young woman's ability and desire to exercise, thus impacting her diet and nutrition. Findings suggest that clinicians can use a person's motivation in any one domain, or multiple domains, to impact other health domains.


Sue K. Adams is from the Department of Human Development and Family Science.

Elizabeth Dimond is from the Department of Psychology.

Matthew J. Delmonico, Chelsea Accetta and Carly Domos are from the Department of Kinesiology.

Emily Sylvester and Ingrid E. Lofgren are from the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences.