Glance analysis of driver eye movements to evaluate distraction

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With the increasing use of in-vehicle devices in cars, an understanding of the safety implications of secondary tasks has become crucial. It is now possible to study the effects of many in-vehicle devices and tasks on driving by using head-mounted eye-tracking devices (HEDs) to collect eye positions and pupil diameters, which have been considered indicators of attentional focus. The collection of eye- position and pupil-diameter data of automobile drivers under on-road conditions and while completing various secondary tasks is described in this paper. Drivers were asked to drive on a preselected two- lane road for a total distance of 22 miles while gaze data were recorded using a HED. Longer off-road fixation durations were observed in radio-tuning and rearview mirror checking tasks, but not in the odometer checking task. In addition, the standard deviations of fixation displacements during a cognitive task involving the computation of a date for a meeting were shorter than those observed during normal driving.

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Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers