Dynamic fracture in graded materials

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The dynamic crack propagation in materials with varying properties, i.e., functionally graded materials is presented. First, an elastodynamic solution for a propagating crack inclined to the direction of property variation is introduced. Crack tip stress, strain and displacement fields are obtained through an asymptotic analysis coupled with displacement potential approach. Next, a systematic theoretical analysis is provided to incorporate the effect of transient nature of growing crack-tip on the crack-tip stress, strain and displacement fields. The analysis revealed that crack tip stress fields retain the inverse square root singularity and only the higher order terms in the expansion are influenced by material inhomogeneity. Using these stress, strain and displacement fields, contours of constant maximum shear stress, constant first stress invariant and constant in- plane displacements are generated and the effect of nonhomogeneity and transient nature of crack tip on these contours is discussed.

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Dynamic Fracture Mechanics