Electrical response of graphene reinforced composites under static and dynamic loading

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An experimental investigation was conducted to understand the electro-mechanical response of graphene reinforced polystyrene composites under static and dynamic loading. Graphene-polystyrene composites were fabricated using a solution mixing approach followed by hot-pressing. Absolute resistance values were measured with a highresolution four-point probe method for both quasi-static and dynamic loading. A modified split Hopkinson (Kolsky) pressure bar apparatus, capable of simultaneous mechanical and electrical characterization, was developed and implemented to investigate the dynamic electro-mechanical response of the composites. In addition to measuring the change in electrical resistance as well as the dynamic constitutive behavior, real-time damage was captured using high-speed photography. The real-time damage was correlated to both stress-strain and percent change in resistance profiles.

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ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials



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